Contract and Corporate Law

The best contracts are drafted in close cooperation with the client. We strive to understand thoroughly the client’s business activities in order to offer long-term solutions and real added value. In negotiating and drafting contracts we aim for a result that both fulfils the client’s needs and is balanced well between the parties to the contract.


An important part of our work consists of drafting and negotiating different kinds of contracts. We are specialised in contracts relating to product supply, services, deliveries, joint ventures, licensing, trade, the acquisition and utilisation of immaterial property rights, employment contracts, and other types of contract arrangements.


In addition to agreements between companies, we have drawn up standard agreements or general contractual terms for companies, and drafted model contracts for our clients to use in their daily operations. We also assist in disputes relating to the interpretation of agreements.

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The daily work of the Firm includes advising entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies in legal matters, sometimes even larger companies. Business contracts often involve legally demanding questions and industry-specific issues that require strong expertise in contract law from the attorneys handling them. The case may concern contractual negotiations conducted with a business partner, drafting of a contract or e.g. settling disagreements concerning contractual terms. Other aspects to consider may include matters of compensatory damage law, the company’s employment relationships, or collection of receivables. The firm´s goal is to be a comprehensive and reliable partner in legal matters, thus allowing the client company to focus on its core business.