Dispute resolution

From time to time, companies are faced with disputes and conflict situations, where the negotiation and litigation experience of  legal counsel is needed. We advise clients in various business disputes whenever needed.


When an amicable settlement cannot be reached, we are able to represent clients in all dispute resolution bodies. Our firm’s attorneys are familiar with the processes used in general courts, administrative courts and special courts such as the Market Court. We also act as attorneys during arbitration proceedings.


As in all our activities, our aim is to find the most sensible solution for the client’s business operations. In most cases, the primary goal is to find a solution involving appropriate settlement. Achieving a successful outcome for the client requires a combination of competence in court proceedings, thorough preparation including becoming familiar with the specific factual and legal aspects of each case and a skilful and persistent presentation of the client’s case at the relevant hearing.


In arbitration and legal proceedings alike, our success is based on a combination of uncompromising procedural know-how and thorough familiarity of our clients business.

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Legal services

  • Contracts, contractual negotiations and contractual disputes
  • Litigations in civil cases
  • Application matters
  • Mediation and settlement proceedings
  • Collection of receivables

Appropriate settlement?

Contractual negotiations are always the primary choice if the other option is to take the case to court

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